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Are You Prepared For Tick Season?

Are you enjoying the spring weather? Are you spending more time outdoors, walking your pets or taking your children out into nature? Rightly so, you should be doing this because it’s great to be out and about and breathing in the fresh air. However, there’s those little pesky pests called ticks that we like to remind you about. We don’t want to spoil your fun, but you’ll be amazed at how many people step outside and into tick habitats without protecting themselves from these disease spreading pests.

Tick advice issued as people enjoy Spring weather

ADVICE has been issued about the risk of infection caused by ticks as people go outdoors to enjoy the spring weather.  Tick can be found in forests, woodland, moorland and parks and are the size of a poppy seed. Most ticks bites are harmless however some are infected with bacteria that can cause Lyme disease.

Some useful tips in the above article that can help you to stay safe. Not all ticks spread diseases such as Lyme disease, but it simply isn’t worth the risk of subjecting yourself to a potential tick bite that could change your life forever.

The warmer weather has meant a rise in the tick population. These critters are surviving longer, meaning there are more around as tick season is upon us, and the threat of Lyme disease even more a concern.

Tick Season is Already Here

Ticks are back and can be picked up at places like parks, gardening or hiking. Scientists are already testing ticks now at the state Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven. They’re predicting a fairly typical tick season this year after a bad season last year. Experts warn that if you get a tick bite the likelihood of contracting an illness like Lyme disease is quite high.

Always check yourself for ticks, and if you’ve got a four legged friend, give them a thorough check too. Some ticks can be so tiny that you need to look really hard to find them. Don’t leave it too late to spot these little suckers!

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