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As Deer Multiply, So Do Ticks!

The deer population in the United States has risen significantly over the last few years, which means we’re more likely to be in closer proximity to a deer than ever before. Unfortunately, with this growth, it also means another increase in population… ticks!

Those deer on your lawn? They’re delivering disease-ridden ticks to your doorstep

One professor calls it a “hidden threat”: Bloodsucking ticks that carry an array of diseases hitch rides on deer as the mammals multiply across the country, popping up in forests, parks and even our front lawns. That probably means ticks in more places than ever in the USA in 2019, said Thomas Mather, a University of Rhode Island entomologist known as “The Tick Guy.” And that could mean more Americans are at risk from tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease.

Deer ticks (also known as black-legged ticks) are the critters responsible for transmitting Lyme disease. However, there are other species of tick that are also utilizing deer for their food source.

Lyme disease is serious, which is why you must put into place protective measures against ticks. If you live in an area where you could find a deer enjoying your yard or even your neighbors yard, then you are at risk. It’s so important to have professional tick control in place.

There are a number of reasons why deer may be attracted to your yard, so what can you do as an extra preventative to keep them out.

3 Reasons Why Your Yard Attracts Deer — And What To Do About It

So let’s talk deer proofing. From deer resistant plants to deer repellent methods, there are ways to keep the deer away. But first, let’s look at the reasons they love your yard so much in the first place. Thanks to homeowner trial and error along with plenty of university research, today, landscapers and homeowners have a wide variety of plant types to choose from in order to create a deer resistant landscape. And there’s even more good news: Deer resistant plant lists are full of beautiful, colorful plants that deer want nothing to do with.

It’s nice to feel at one with nature, but we must be mindful of the risks to our health that some animals can bring. Keep yourself safe from Lyme disease and the many other diseases that can be transmitted by ticks. These pests will find their way into your yard, then into your home, and onto your body. Be safe!

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