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Early Start to Tick Season

After a very wet winter with record rainfall and warmer temperatures, there’s been a noticeable increase of moisture in the air. This moisture is exactly what ticks need to thrive which means that ticks are ready to get active earlier than usual! Tick season is here!

Mostly wet winter could bring explosion of ticks

A warning for pet owners about a tick(ing) time bomb that could be in the backyard or at your favorite park. After a wet winter and early spring, experts are predicting an extremely heavy tick season. Veterinarian Kelsey Walker, with Avery Animal Hospital in Hilliard, said they’ve already seen them on a few clients.

These critters like to lurk in your back yard,  so now is the time to make sure you’ve got adequate tick control in place.

What steps are you taking to protect yourself from ticks? Here’s a useful article that provides additional tips on how to stay safe.  And a reminder that ticks are not just here in the United States, they are a problem in the U.K too.

Tick season warning: Five tips to keep you safe during spring and summer

Warmer weather is officially on the approach – and as we wait for the summer months, members of the public are being warned to keep an eye out for ticks. Gardening experts are urging the public to take care when they are out and about, due to a dramatic increase in the number of ticks in the past 10 years.

All of us need to make our contribution to a safer environment when it comes to ticks. Not only can they transmit dangerous diseases to us humans, but they are also a severe health risk to our four-legged friends too. Let’s enjoy the warmer months with a little self-assurance that we’ve done all we can to protect ourselves, our children and our pets.

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