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How Ticks Move Around

Ever wonder how ticks move around? How they can get from one host to another and how fast they can do it? Here are a few commonly asked questions about the movement of a tick and how you can avoid becoming its next host!

How do ticks move around?

First off, ticks don’t fly. You’re not going to find a tick on you because it’s landed on you from the air. They crawl around mainly at ground level and up to about the height of your knees, looking for a host to latch on to.

How fast do ticks move around?

Ticks are not sprinters, but they can crawl pretty fast. Once they pick up on a scent that they like (such as the carbon dioxide that we breathe), they want a taste of it, so they will make their way towards their meal as fast as they can. If you’ve never seen a tick move before, watch this video.

Enough to make your skin crawl, right?

How do ticks get from host to host?

The way a tick finds its host is by what is known as ‘questing’. Ticks are arachnids, which means they have plenty of legs to grab a firm grip on something or someone. When a tick ‘quests’ it stretches out its first pair of legs in the hope that it catches on to its host. The remaining pairs, it uses to hold onto leaves or grass, or wherever it has set up camp.

Can ticks jump?

Despite common myths, ticks can’t jump. So you’re not in any danger of one taking a leap at you. However, you are always at risk of ticks latching on to you if you venture into their habitat, or let them venture into yours, such as your back yard. You can reduce the risk significantly by investing in professional tick control.

Once these critters latch on, they don’t want to let go, so you want to avoid them coming into contact with you in the first place. Ticks pose a threat to our health with a significant number of diseases that they can transmit. Don’t give them the opportunity!


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