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Keep Your Pooch Pest Free!

Your pets are relying on you to take care of them. You feed them the right foods, take them for daily exercise and see a vet for regular health checks. However, are you also doing some additional checks when it comes to protecting your pets against ticks and mosquitoes?

What is the best protection for your dog from ticks and mosquitoes?

The parasites that feed on your pet pooch can not only cause it discomfort, they can also transmit harmful diseases. Your dog can’t swat off a mosquito by itself or remove a tick if it gets embedded, so it’s up to you to prevent them from being bitten as best you can. There are some treatments that you can give to your dog that help to repel these pesky pests. You may wish to do a bit of research as to what works best. You also might like to look into some natural repellents.

3 Natural Dog Mosquito Repellent Options

Those pesky bugs are a painful nuisance for you and for your dog…and mosquito bite prevention can be an important step in preventing heartworm in your dog. There are many natural products available with different active ingredients so how do you know which ones work and which don’t?

Dogs like to spend time in back yards. How do you protect them?

Dogs love to have a run around in your back yard, so one thing you can do is to invest in professional mosquito and tick control. This means that your yard will be treated with a barrier spray, that stops the little suckers getting in. Leaving your pooch to play safely.

ticks and mosquitoes

Is a barrier spray safe for a dog?

Here at Backyard Bug Patrol, all of our products are safe for people and pets. If you have dogs or other pets that play in the backyard all we ask is that you bring them inside before we spray. If you work, not a problem, you will just be asked to keep the dogs inside that day and our techs will unlock the gate and spray the yard. You will just need to let the product dry for around 30 minutes after spraying before you let your pets back out to play. minutes or so should do it.

What else can you do as a responsible pet owner?

Other than using a recommended treatment and protecting your home, there are also a few other things you can do to keep your pet’s pest free.

5 ways to protect your pets from insects

Spring and summer are high seasons for pests who can create a harmful nuisance for our lovable pets, especially those that can’t wait to bust through the door and play outside. Here are some suggestions for guarding your pets against fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and other harmful vermin that can make them miserable (and even put them in danger of contracting life-threatening illness).

Your four-legged friends are relying on you to look out for them, just as much as they look out for you. Keep them safe all year round because these pests don’t just come out when the weather warms up.




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