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Lizards Can Fight Lyme

Spring has arrived, and with it a visible increase in the number of bugs. Ticks and mosquitoes are  in abundance at this time of year, especially with the warmer climate across the United States over the last few months. This has meant that many pests have managed to survive what would normally be the colder seasons. So if you’re planning putting your hiking boots on and getting out into the countryside to enjoy the warmer weather then you need to make sure your protected from pests.

 Spring weather brings on tick season

The days will become longer and longer as we head toward the spring, which starts March 20. With the longer days, a greater number of people are hiking trails and with it the increasing chances of coming across ticks and the diseases they can spread.

It would appear that some of the local lizards in the California are actually helping reduce the risk of Lyme disease as they have an immunity to the bacteria that causes this tick borne virus.

These colorful creatures are really contributing to the fight against Lyme because a protein in their blood can also actually kill Borrelia bacteria.

So what can you do as the temperatures rise to make sure you’ve got adequate protection against ticks and mosquitoes? Well, you can invest in tick and mosquito control for a start and be sure to dress sensibly when venturing outside.

The Doctor Is In: Ways to Protect Yourself from Ticks and Mosquitoes

Each year the risk of getting bacterial or viral infections from tick and mosquito bites seems to increase. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid getting bit. Here are ten ways you can protect yourself. Wear pants and long sleeves to minimize areas of exposed skin. Wear light-colored clothing to see crawling ticks easier. Light colors, which do not absorb as much heat, may also make you less attractive to mosquitoes… read more

Wherever you are located, be on high tick and mosquito alert. These bloodsuckers are out of hiding and they’re hungry!


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