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Lyme Disease – What Can You Do About It?

Did you know that Lyme disease gained its named from the location where it was first diagnosed? Old Lyme in Connecticut is where in 1977, the disease was first reported in the United States. These days, the tick borne virus has made its way over many parts of the US, and with the increasing rise of the tick population, the threat of this debilitating illness is only going to get worse.

Here’s Why Lyme Disease Keeps Spreading in the U.S.

Reddish-brown ticks flow steadily these days into the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. They’re being sent by public health officers from across the state who want to know whether Lyme disease is present in their towns, and how fast it’s spreading. In the last few years, scientists found that the population of ticks has exploded on the East Coast and throughout the country. During this time, Lyme disease cases have also increased dramatically.

So how can you identify symptoms of Lyme? As the disease spreads, there are many people who are not used to the threat of ticks in their area, and so aren’t too sure what to look out for. Here’s a useful video that can help you spot the signs.

Of course, the best cure is prevention. By taking steps to protect yourself from ticks, your actions will mean that collectively, if all of us are doing the same, we can reduce the number of Lyme disease cases.

Lyme disease prevention: How to protect yourself from ticks

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, diseases from tick bites are on the rise. But there are simple things you can do to protect you and your family. Lyme Disease is the most common. The CDC estimates that about 300,000 Americans develop Lyme each year, and we could see even more this year. The best way to avoid a tick-borne infection is not to get bitten in the first place by always using an effective insect repellent.

The above article gives some good advice, and as it mentions, you may wish to make your yard less attractive to ticks by keeping your lawn mowed, removing leaves and other debris, and letting in as much sun as possible. You can also invest in tick control, just for that extra peace of mind.


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