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Exotic Tick Found In New Jersey

Wildlife Officials in New Jersey have become concerned about a rare tick, spotted in Hunterdon County. The tick, known as the longhorned tick or bush tick is commonly associated with becoming a pest to deer and therefore resulting in concerns over the transmission of Lyme disease. Here’s an article with more information.

Rare ‘exotic’ tick discovered in Hunterdon County

The recent discovery of a rare tick in Hunterdon County has alarmed New Jersey Wildlife officials, who are calling for anyone who spots the blood-sucking arachnid to contact them immediately. New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Douglas H. Fisher on Wednesday confirmed the discovery of an East Asian tick, also known as a longhorned tick or bush tick, on a farm in Hunterdon County on Nov. 9.

If you are located in Hunterdon County or the surrounding areas and are concerned that you may have seen one of these species of tick, then it’s important you make contact with Officials. This tick is not well known in the United States, and therefore it’s sudden appearance is causing great concern that a new breed of tick has made it to U.S soil.

We don’t yet know the damage that this particular tick can cause, however, let’s not leave it until another child becomes sick or suffers something as devastating as paralysis from a rare tick bite.

Here’s some more information about this rare ‘exotic’ tick…

This rare exotic tick just surfaced in N.J.

A tick not normally found in the United States was discovered at a Hunterdon County farm earlier this year, the state Department of Agriculture said. The exotic East Asian tick, also known as the longhorned or bush tick, was found on a pet sheep at a Hunterdon County farm. On Aug. 1, the owner gave the agriculture department several ticks that had been removed from the sheep, said spokesman Jeff Wolfe. It was the only animal on the farm and had not left the property for many years.

It’s not yet known how this particular pest has come to reside in the United States, but we will bring you further news as we find out more about it. Keep on top of your tick control everyone as you just don’t know what’s going to be creeping around next!

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