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Lyme Disease: The best cure is Prevention

When it comes to fighting Lyme disease, the best cure is prevention. Stopping ticks from being able to bite us in the first place, from being able to attach themselves to our skin and spread potentially devastating diseases. What methods are you putting into place to protect yourself and your family from ticks? When was the last time you updated your tick control? Here’s an article about how you can put up a fight against these pests from your back yard.

Taking The Battle Against Lyme Disease Ticks To The Backyard

You’re probably familiar with tick-avoidance practices like wearing long pants, using bug sprays that contain DEET and treating clothing with permethrin, an insecticide. But researchers have tested more strategies for keeping ticks away from us. Many more.

With rodents being one of the main carriers of the bacteria that causes Lyme, researches have been looking at genetically modifying mice to help fight the disease.

Lyme Disease


Genetically modified mice seen as possible weapon in Lyme disease fight

Proposing a project in which genetically modified white-footed mice will be released into the wild on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. The putative goal, of course, is that the mice mate with their wild cousins and create a mouse population with an immunity to the bacteria that causes Lyme disease,

Genetically modifying other creatures surely can’t be the only way forward to combat this ever growing health concern. It’s a danger to start messing with nature. We already seeing the likes of genetically modified mosquitoes to help combat diseases such as dengue fever and the Zika virus. We need to start taking our own action to protect and educate ourselves and those around us. Utilizing science is great for many things, but is this right?

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