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Powassan Virus A Concern For Experts

The Powassan virus is another disease that is transmitted from an infected tick bite and can have some serious and sometimes fatal consequences. This tick borne virus has been identified to perhaps be worse than the more commonly known Lyme disease. Here’s an article about why experts are worrying about a possible spread across the United States.

Rare, tick-borne Powassan virus worries some experts about possible spread

As if Lyme disease isn’t troubling enough, a more serious tick-borne disease may be emerging, experts warn. Powassan virus, which is a far rarer and more deadly pathogen than the bacterium that produces Lyme, is also transmitted by the deer tick. The virus can cause inflammation in the brain, which leads to death or permanent disability in 60 percent of cases.

With the Northeast and the northern part of the Midwest having a worrying number of reported cases, now is the time to make sure that you and your family are protected from coming into contact with ticks as much as possible.

As with Lyme disease, symptoms are not easy to identify. There’s also no cure, so the best protection from ticks is prevention. With an unusually milder winter, this has meant that the tick population has resisted from ‘dying off’ in the colder months, which in turn, means more ticks for the upcoming season.

The Tick Explosion of 2017 is Real… and Dangerous

An unusually large boom in ticks throughout the Midwest this year, all due in large part thanks to a relatively mild winter. The lack of a solid deep-freeze kept the tick population from dying off during their dormant state, and warm, wet conditions this spring are bringing them back en masse.

Any disease transmitted from these arachnids is a cause for concern, so make sure you do your due diligence. Check for ticks immediately on your return from spending time outside and if you have pets, give them a thorough check too. These hitchhikers are tiny, and they’re out to get us!

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