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Protect Yourself Against Ticks. It’s Common Sense.

There’s a lot of information available when it comes to ticks, but how do we know what is fact and what is fiction? Here’s an article with just a few a few of the common truths when it comes to ticks and their ability to spread harmful diseases.

Know myths, facts about Lyme disease

When parents hear the word “tick,” another four-letter word often pops into their head: Lyme. If you’ve already typed those eight letters into an internet search bar, beware. Next to child health information, you might see false reports about “chronic Lyme disease” from tick bites.

It’s important to note that not all ticks spread Lyme disease, however, that’s not the only tick borne illness that’s out there. Are you aware of the symptoms?

Ticks may be tiny, but they can pack a punch. They lurk in wooded areas and can easily latch onto you or your pet, so it’s important that when venturing outdoors you take proper precautions. The tick population is constantly on the rise and we need to be vigilant.

Uptick in tick population could produce serious illness

There are over 850 species in the world and, next to mosquitoes, they are the most common vector for human diseases. These small blood-suckers aren’t insects. They’re arachnids and are related to spiders, mites, and scorpions. There are two basic kinds of ticks: hard ticks and soft ticks. Hard ticks have a hard outer shell that gives them their characteristic shield-like form.

Raising this awareness isn’t a scare factor. It’s a reminder that taking preventative measures against these bloodsuckers is really just some common sense towards looking after our own health and those around us.

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