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Vets Get Involved In Tick Awareness Month

With the month of May not too far in the distance, vets and VNs in the United Kingdom are making plans on how they are going to get involved in tick awareness month. It’s to help spread awareness, in particular to dog owners as to the very real threat of ticks and the potential diseases that they can transmit. Here’s an article with more information.

Get involved with Tick Awareness Month, practices urged

Last year, the event – fronted by English naturalist, nature photographer and TV presenter Chris Packham – attracted both national and regional media coverage, and the support of vet practices across the country. Tick Awareness Month aims to raise awareness among dog owners and walkers about the threat from ticks and tick-borne disease, as well as the preventive measures to protect dogs, cats and their owners from the risk of tick-borne illnesses, such as Lyme disease.

Sharing knowledge and awareness of tick borne disease is a great step forward in prevention and this should be taking place all over the globe. The more people know about it, the more opportunities there are to take action to protect yourself, your family and your four legged friends.


Here’s the full article following the video. There are some alarming facts at just how may reported cases of Lyme disease there are.

Why people with Lyme Disease feel there isn’t enough awareness

Around 300,000 people are estimated to be diagnosed with Lyme Disease each year. That’s 1.5 times the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer and 6 times the number of people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

Do what you can to help spread awareness. We here are Backyard Bug Patrol want to make sure that people know the preventative measures available to help them when it comes to tick control for their home and the course of action to take should you be concerned that you may have been bitten by an infected tick. Share this post and contribute to tick awareness month. It doesn’t have to wait until May, do it NOW!

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