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Man Finds Tick On His Eye

Here’s a story that will make you squirm! Imagine a tick attaching itself to your eyeball. Yes! You did read that correctly. An encounter with a tick isn’t a pleasant one, but this Kentucky man got more than he bargained for when he took a trip to his optometrist only to find a tick on his eye.

He went to the optometrist with an irritated eye. The doctor pulled out a tick.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns people to check under their arms, around their ears and even inside their bellybutton for ticks after possible exposure. The agency may have to add another, especially cringeworthy tick harbor to the list: the eyeball. A Kentucky man says he went to the doctor for eye irritation and found out it was caused by one of the eight-legged, bloodsucking critters.

We can’t repeat enough how important it is to check yourself for ticks if you have ventured into their favorite habitats (which includes your back yard by the way).  They like areas with grass, brush or trees and can quite often make themselves at home on animals, which could also be your own household pet. That’s why you always need to carry out a thorough tick check and this includes inspecting your eyes. Okay, so these tiny pests are not easy to see. Even more so when they could actually be on your eye.

If you are concerned that you may have a tick on your eye, then you must make sure that the tick is removed safely, and this means going to an optometrist.

Tick lodged on Kentucky man’s eyeball made ‘popping’ noise when doctor pulled it off

Harrowing photos show a Kentucky man’s unusual encounter with a tick that somehow latched onto his eyeball. Chris Prater, who works for an electrical company, told local news outlets that he always sprays himself with repellent before heading into the trees, but after leaving a job last week his eye was irritated.

We all need to be aware of the possibility that these blood-sucking, disease-spreading creatures can literally get anywhere! Any concerns are no concern too small when it comes to ticks, so seek medical advice as soon as possible, so that the right treatment can be provided and safe removal of a tick can be performed if it’s not safe to do so yourself.


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