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Spring Is Coming But Ticks Have Already Arrived

Spring is coming and with the nicer weather people are starting to spend more time outdoors. It’s such a great feeling when the warmer months are approaching. The sun is shining and there’s a sense of joy as we enjoy the fresh air. However, we’re not the only ones that are enjoying it… ticks have come out to play too.

WATCH OUT: Ticks Are Already a Big Problem and It’s Not Even Spring

Some of nature’s most annoying pests aren’t paying any attention to the weather reports. Disease-carrying ticks have already woken up for the season — or never went dormant at all — posing a risk to any potential host they find. Multiple veterinary hospitals in Michigan have reported seeing the parasites on dogs since mid-February, with their numbers only increasing, according to WWMT. Vets in Virginia have experienced a similar upswing.

Ticks don’t die off in the winter. They have antifreeze in their body which keeps the little suckers alive so that they survive through even the coldest weather, which means they are ready to come out of hiding as soon as the temperatures start to rise.


Kids love to spend time outside, especially in your back yard, so make sure your kids are protected. Invest in tick control to stop the critters getting into your yard in the first place and be sure to carry out a thorough tick check on your kids when they come back inside.

How to do a Tick Check on your Kids

There are many types of ticks out there, but the deer tick is of concern since Lyme disease is caused by bacteria transmitted by the deer tick. After your kids come in from playing outside it’s always a good idea to check for ticks.

Ensure that you know how to remove a tick safely if you find one on your child, your pet or yourself. If you have any concerns after discovering that you have been bitten by a tick, then seek medical advice. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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