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Tick Habitats: Where You Should Be Looking

Ticks are tiny. Ticks are dangerous. Ticks are not that far away from where you are right now! They like to hang out in places that we like to enjoy, so are you keeping a look out for these disease spreading pests?

What areas do ticks live in?

Ticks love to hide away in the shade where there is moisture. They’re also fond of being at ground level which means there’s plenty of opportunity for a tick to latch onto your legs as you brush by. This means that your back yard is the ideal habitat for ticks, especially around the perimeter.

Tick Habitats

Do ticks live in trees or grass?

Ticks like tall grass, not tall trees. They can’t fly or jump so they make themselves comfortable in long grass, shrubs and bushes. However, you shouldn’t discount checking for ticks in shorter grass. This article reminds us that we need to be checking sports fields for these diseases spreading pests too.

Can ticks live in houses?

As we’ve established, your back yard could be literally creepy crawling with ticks if you don’t have adequate tick control. This could mean there is potential for a tick to transfer from its home in the shrubbery, to your person and into your home! However, because of the environment inside your home, it is unlikely that a tick will survive longer than 24 hours. It’s a long time to be exposed to a potential tick bite though, so you really don’t want these critters getting anywhere near your property.

Can ticks infest a house?

Although it is possible for ticks to get into your house, it is unlikely that they will stay there to breed. The females like to lay their eggs in soil, so if they do manage to get inside your home, they will hopefully be eager to make their way back out of it again. However, there is a small risk and this article tells you what causes tick infestations.

Can you spray for ticks?

Absolutely! And we highly recommend it. By investing in professional mosquito control, you are giving your home the best chance of being tick free. If you’d like to find out more about our tick control service, then we would be more than happy to answer your questions.

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