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Tick Season Is NOW!

When does tick season actually start? You could be on the safe side with the attitude that tick season is 365 days a year. These disease spreading pests may not be so active in the winter time, but they are still out there. However, spring is when you are most likely to start noticing more ticks. So do you know what to do to keep yourself safe when you start to venture outdoors more as the weather warms up?

When Does Tick Season Start?

Spring is just a few days away, and in many areas the snow has already melted and the weather is warming up. If you’re thinking of working in the yard or taking a hike, you might be wondering whether you need to worry about protecting yourself against ticks so early in the season.

Keeping yourself protected from ticks should always be at the forefront of your mind. Many people still do not realise the risk that these critters pose to our health, including the spread of Lyme disease.

The tick population is increasing all over the globe. Not just in the United States. Ticks will find their way to travel, usually by hitching a ride with migrating birds. So when you are also on your travels, you need to be mindful that what once may have been a location virtually free from ticks, that may no longer be the case.

Ticks and Travel: What You Need to Know to Prevent Tick Bites and Illnesses

Researchers in Connecticut are warning that tick populations are on the rise this year, so you need to be especially vigilant—not just at home, but also while traveling. If your trips take you anywhere within North America, Europe, or Asia, you could be at risk for ticks and the many diseases they cause.

Ticks are a serious problem, so please don’t bury your head in the sand. Be aware of what threat they pose to you and know the best ways to keep yourself protected and safe.


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