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Tick Technology On Your Phone

If you’re an iPhone or Android user, and conscious about ticks (which you should be!) then you might want to check out this useful app that’s been released. “What’s My Tick” can be used to identify species of tick, and importantly, let you know if they are the kind harmful to your health. Here’s an article with some more information about this latest development in tick technology.

New app can ID harmful ticks with photo recognition

Just released, the app “What’s My Tick” analyzes photos using a complex code to arrive at a species of tick based on certain physical characteristics. It also offers information about tick-borne diseases and their prevalence in the app user’s location. The app was created by Dann Ladd of Belfast and his nephew, Ryan Bilodeau, who is pursuing studies in computer science at Thomas College in Waterville.

A clever tool to help you identify just what ticks might be lurking in your back yard. Hopefully though, if you’ve got your tick control up to date, you shouldn’t find many that you need to identify. Tick borne diseases can be dangerous, and this piece of technology may just help us stay a little safer.

Technology is at our fingertips in this day an age. All we need to do is reach for our phones and we have access to thousands of helpful apps that can assist us when it comes to our health. So this one might be worth adding to your download list.

New ‘Tick App’ For Detecting Ticks Now Available On Apple App Store And Google Play Store

A smartphone “Tick App” has been released on App Store and Google Play store amid the increasing cases of Lyme disease, particularly in Wisconsin. Developers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison created the app to serve two purposes. One is for research where scientists could acquire a deeper understanding of how tick behaves, and where they are normally found. Second is to educate people on different kinds of ticks to watch out for, and how to properly address tick bites. If the app achieved its desired number of users, the developers might add other features such as GPS tracking, and push notifications alarming users that they enter areas with high tick population.

Why not become one of the ‘desired number of users’ required, so that this tick technology can develop even further to keep us safe.

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