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Ticks Are On Their Travels

There are may different types of tick, and we are discovering more and more exotic species as time goes on. This is causing concern, because along with this discovery, comes the threat of other tick borne diseases. These pests quite literally get everywhere. Unfortunately enough for the woman in this next article, she had to strip off her clothing as soon as possible, once she realized she was covered in the critters.

Tick Discovery Highlights How Few Answers We Have about These Pests in the U.S.

The woman, a local farmer, had been shearing her sheep when she realized she was covered in black, crawling spots and booked it to the health department. She had a change of clothes in her car and gave the health office staff her bespeckled pants; they threw them in the lab freezer to kill the ticks.

Some of these ticks, may not be carrying diseases just yet, but they have the ability to adapt to new environments, which means that they could eventually become carriers.

There are new species cropping up all over the place. Some of them are even making their way across the United States.

Rare tick mysteriously shows up in Arkansas from New Jersey

A hardy, invasive species of tick that survived a New Jersey winter and subsequently traversed the mid-Atlantic has mysteriously arrived in Arkansas. No one is sure how the Longhorned tick, native to East Asia, arrived in the country, nor how it made its way to the middle of the continent. The Arkansas Agriculture Department said late Monday researchers at Oklahoma State University had confirmed a tick found on a dog in Benton County in the far northwestern corner of the state was a Longhorned tick.

Ticks are on the move. Make sure you’re protected from them, because you never know which ones may be harmless, and which ones may pack a deadly punch in their bite.


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