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Ticks Cause Allergies And Transmit Disease

The lone star tick has been identified as the culprit in causing an allergy to red meat. However, there are other critters that you might want to be aware of, that could also be a nightmare for any meat lover.  Here’s an article with some more useful information as to what you should look out for.

It’s not just ticks: Bites from this insect could make you allergic to meat too

Scientists have known for a few years that bites from the lone star tick could cause a sudden allergy to meat. But now researchers say another bloodsucking culprit may be causing the condition as well. They’re called “chiggers,” although you may know them by other names, like redbugs, harvest mites or berry bugs. They’re a type of tiny, creepy-crawly red mite — and scientists at North Carolina’s Wake Forest University say bites from these annoying outdoor pests could be causing people to develop allergies to red meat.

Of course, it’s not just developing an allergy to meat that we should be concerned about when it comes to ticks. There’s plenty more to worry about because these pests are responsible for a number of other dangerous diseases.

Make sure you can identify the symptoms, that could be the result of an infected tick bite. Seeking medical attention immediately, means that available treatment can be administered as soon as possible. Lyme diseases is possibly the most well know tick borne virus. Do you know how to identify the symptoms?

9 Symptoms Of Lyme Disease Not Everyone Thinks To Look For

If you’ve ever seen a tick — especially if you’ve seen one feed on a dog or a human — then you know what gross, creepy little creatures they are. Unfortunately, they also transmit some potentially serious illnesses. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), tick-borne Lyme disease is passed to humans via bites by infected ticks, and the result can be a range of sometimes mystifying symptoms that may last for years. But surprisingly, we can get bitten by a tick and not even know it, and if we live in areas prone to tick infestations, we owe it to ourselves to be extra mindful to avoid tick bites.

Take responsibility for your own protection against these critters as well as those of others.  Invest in tick control for your yard and wear appropriate clothing when venturing into an area likely to be a tick habitat. Also, make sure you check yourself for ticks any time you may have exposed yourself to them.

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