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Ticks On Your Christmas Tree

Are you feeling in the festive spirit? Have you already purchased your Christmas Tree for pride of place in your home during the Holidays? For those of you that buy the artificial kind, this article may not be of great concern, but well worth a read so that you are in the know. But for those of you who enjoy the real thing and bring the outdoors inside with a real tree, then you might want to read the following:

Do real Christmas trees attract bugs?

Trees can be a cosy habitat for bugs, and anything that we bring from outside into our homes will come with the risk that there might just be a few hitchhiking critters on there.

ticks on your Christmas tree

What kind of bugs are in Christmas trees?

Ticks are one type of bug that just loves to live within the branches of a Christmas tree. However, they are probably hanging out there for the winter to wait until the warmer months, so when you bring a tree into your home and place it in some warmth and comfort, ticks could be tricked into thinking that the spring has arrived early. This means they’ll wake up and start to become active, so it’s important that you treat your tree before bringing it into your home.

Keep Your Christmas Tree Free of Bugs

There’s nothing like the smell of an evergreen tree to get you in the holiday spirit. But when you bring a live or cut Christmas tree indoors, some of the insects that have called your Christmas tree home might be joining you for the holiday season. Here’s what you need to know about Christmas tree insects.

Should you spray your Christmas tree?

Aerosol pesticides can be flammable, so you should not spray your tree with them.

Tips For Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh and Fire Safe

Having a live Christmas tree in your home during the holidays can greatly enhance your holiday atmosphere with the smells of pine and the natural beauty of a freshly cut tree. However, it is important to take steps to ensure that your tree stays fresh and fire safe while it is in your home. A fresh and well maintained Christmas tree will not only look good longer, but it will be less of a fire risk.

What should you do if your tree has ticks?

The main concern here is that ticks can carry and transmit Lyme disease, so if you discover your Christmas tree has a few ticks then you want to make sure they don’t pose any threat. If you find any on the floor surrounding your tree then simply vacuum them up and dispose of them safely, outside.  They won’t live long on your tree, because the tree is no longer providing them with a food source, so you will probably find that the ones you find on the floor are already dead.

Remember, if your shopping for your own Christmas tree, then you are entering an environment where many ticks may be hiding out. Make sure you dress appropriately, covering up well to stop any ticks becoming attached to you and do a thorough tick check on your return home.

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