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Check Your Drugs, Check Your Mosquito Repellent

Leaving any kind of medication lying around if you have small children or pets is a threat to their health and safety. However, sometimes it is easy to forget to put away the painkillers, we’ve all done it, but what happens if they fall into the wrong hands…or mouths? In Falls Church, VA it is national ‘drug take-back day’.

Dispose of Unwanted Medications in Falls Church Saturday

The City of Falls Church Police and the Drug Enforcement Administration are collecting unused prescription drugs Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at City Hall (300 Park Ave.) Individuals can confidentially drop off pills or patches.

It’s not just medicines that you need to be mindful of to put away. Insect repellent can also be harmful if it is not used as directed but it’s important to know that when used correctly, it could save your child from a myriad of potential health risks from mosquitoes and ticks.

With mosquito and tick season upon us, are you prepared when exposed to these tiny creatures?

It’s time – be prepared for mosquitoes

Mosquito Bite Prevention begins at home. Residents and business owners are encouraged to take an aggressive approach this year to reduce exposure to mosquitos. Here are some practical tips that can benefit everyone.

Now’s the time to take a check of that medicine cabinet. Dispose of unwanted drugs and ensure any insect repellents you have are still suitable for use.

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