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Flash Floods Could Mean More Mosquitoes

For those of you in Northern Virginia and the DC areas, you may already know that there’s been warnings of potential flash flooding tonight.  Not only are flash floods dangerous for obvious reasons, they also bring with them the aftermath of left over water, which is an enticing breading ground for mosquitoes.

Weather Alert: Flash Flood Warning Issued For Northern Virginia, DC

MCLEAN, VA—A flash flood warning has been issued for the Northern Virginia and DC areas by the National Weather Service. The warning is in effect through 7 p.m on Thursday, July 6. The weather service expects multiple rounds of rain with a chance of torrential rain. Thunderstorms are expected in the late morning, in the afternoon and early evening. The strongest storms are expected to produce one to three inches of rain.

Make sure you are prepared for torrential weather and take the action recommended in the above article.

Flooding causes devastating damage to property just like mosquitoes can cause devastating damage to our health, so take these warnings seriously. We don’t mean to state the obvious, but more water, means more mosquitoes and the possibility of mosquito borne disease outbreaks.

Do outbreaks of mosquito-borne disease always follow floods?

The flooding has come at a time when the weather in warming up and there are already reports of mosquito numbers increasing. The biggest concern is that once the flood water recede, how long will pools of water remain, have mosquitoes got a “jump start”on the season?

We hope you’re prepared. Stay safe everyone!

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