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Freezing Temperatures In Northern Virginia Can Still Mean Ticks In Winter

Halloween of 2017 has been and gone, and with it comes the discarding of our carefully carved pumpkins. The fun and excitement of creating a scary (or friendly) face into these giant fruit forms will have to wait another year. However, we just wanted to share a reminder of how Ticks Could Turn Halloween Into Your Worst Nightmare  as they also like to get involved in the spooky celebrations. So much so, that they are hanging around longer into the colder months. Here’s one mom’s terrifying story.

A Woman Shared A Scary Photo Of Her Legs To Remind Us Tick Season Isn’t Over

Fall is a time to think about cozy sweaters, jack o’lanterns, pumpkin spice everything, and … ticks? While the tiny creatures probably aren’t the bloodsuckers you’re thinking about around this time of year, one mom warns that they should be.

Even as the colder months are upon us, we should always be vigilant when it comes to ticks. Each year they seem to survive longer and make our lives miserable into the winter months. Even with the first freezing temperatures dropping in North Virginia, it’s still worth being mindful when it comes to protecting yourself against ticks. Okay, so the chances of being bitten may have reduced, but these clever critters are surprising us with just how much ‘cold’ they can take.

First Freezing Temps May Hit Northern Virginia This Week

Break out the heavy coats, for Northern Virginia’s first freezing temperatures are expected to blow in Friday night with an Arctic air blast, according to the National Weather Service’s satellite branch in Sterling. After a mostly sunny day with relatively mild temperatures, the thermometer should take a dive that night with lows in the upper 20s to lower 30s.

This video shows how some ticks are surviving underneath the snow!!

Please do take this as a warning. Ticks are proving themselves to be on the verge of invincible, so do what you can to protect yourselves when venturing outside. Wear appropriate clothing and always check for these hitchhiking little critters after a trip outdoors.

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