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Individual Action Against Mosquitoes Goes A Long Way!

Teams of health experts in Prince William County, VA have made some recommendations to keep yourself safe from those troublesome, disease spreading mosquitoes. All it takes is a little individual action and you can play a huge part in protecting your family, your pets and even your community from these pests.

Health team gives tips to dodge mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are bothersome in and of themselves, but they can also carry diseases such as the West Nile or Zika viruses. To reduce exposure, the Prince William Health District recommends the following… read more here

Taking action in your own back yard means that mosquitoes have fewer places to breed. Fewer places to procreate, means fewer mosquitoes – simple! You may not think your contribution will have a huge impact on the global scale problem we face against mosquitoes, but believe us when we say… it does!

Investing in mosquito control is of course, highly recommended. However, the addition of certain plants can help keep the bugs at bay.

5 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away

It just takes a few minutes outdoors, particularly at dusk, to develop a deep-rooted disdain for mosquitos. And as if buzzing incessantly near your ear and feasting on your exposed arms and legs isn’t enough, mosquitoes can transmit a number of infectious diseases, a fact that elevates the insects from a nuisance to an outright health risk.

What could you do today to make your home a safer place from these troublesome bugs? Take action, even the smallest contribution goes a long way.


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