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Learn to Live with Mosquitoes

Wouldn’t life be so much better if mosquitoes did not exist? We wouldn’t feel irritated by the sound of their buzzing, the itching of their bites, and of course the risk of the spread of mosquito borne disease would be almost completely gone. So what would actually happen if all the mosquitoes were killed off?

What would happen if we killed all the mosquitoes?

Depending on where you live, mosquitoes may range from an itch-inducing annoyance to a constant threat. That’s led scientists to ask: What if we killed them all? We just don’t know, many of those experts have concluded. But they can imagine. More than 3,500 mosquitoes species exist, but only a few affect our health.

It’s probably not fair to tarnish ALL mosquitoes with the same brush is it? After all, there are many different types but only a small percentage that put our health in danger. However, that small percentage certainly packs a punch.

The statistics when it comes to mosquito borne infection are somewhat terrifying when you consider just how many diseases these tiny creatures are able to transmit, and with mosquito season upon us, do you know how to protect yourself?

Mosquito season starts today. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself from Zika

Virginia officials don’t want you to forget about Zika. The dangerous, mosquito-borne illness that has captured headlines in the past is still a threat, says Gov. Terry McAuliffe. “Everyone has a role to play when it comes to preventing Zika virus and the potential spread of Zika in their community,”

Although life without certain species of mosquito would be great, we can’t just wipe out their whole entire existence. So instead we need to learn to live with them in the safest way possible.

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