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Mosquitoes Bring Dogs Heartworm Misery

Dog owners have another reason to be wary when it comes to mosquitoes because these disease spreading pests can be the cause of heartworm in your pooch. Augusta and Staunton County have seen the latest risk in infected pets. Here’s an article with further information.

Heartworm infects the area

“Heartworms are carried by the mosquito,” Leti Hansen, veterinarian, said. “The mosquito takes a blood meal from the dog who is the natural host. When the mosquito takes another blood meal the baby heartworms are then transferred to the dog where they mature into adults.”

Are you taking the necessary measures to protect your puppy? Is your dog in danger from these needle nosed, blood suckers?

Cats are also at risk too, so for those cat lovers out there, you may also wish to pay attention.

Pet Points: Summer, mosquitoes bring increased heartworm risk

Mosquitoes transmit serious diseases, including heartworm in dogs and cats. Pet owners need to remember that preventive measures are much better than treating this disease. It is estimated that 250,000 dogs are diagnosed yearly with heartworm, and the number is increasing.

If you want to enjoy some time in your yard after a hard day watching your pet at play, without the threat of being bitten by a mosquito, then it is worth investing in professional mosquito control to make your outdoor space as safe as possible for you and your four legged friend.

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