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Super Sky’s and Moons for 2018 (and Mosquitoes)

For those of you in Ashburn, VA did any of you see the super moon on New Year’s Day? There’s a lot of lunar action that will be happening over the next few months, so other than bringing you news about bugs this week and going forward, we thought we’d start implementing a little local content into the mix. Basically, other things to look out for other than keeping our eyes open for ticks and mosquitoes.

Supermoons, Lunar Eclipse, Meteor Showers In Virginia, DC In 2018

Skywatchers in northern Virginia are in for several exceptional shows in 2018. The year sets up with two supermoons in January, the first of which is on New Year’s Day. There will be no full moon in February, followed by two full moons in March. A special treat for metro Washington residents is a total lunar eclipse on Jan. 31.

Star gazers out there may want to blow off the dust on their telescopes this year as it looks as though there’s plenty to see.

Science and nature in a word is… mind blowing! There’s so much out there to see and to learn, which is why we’d like to mix a bit more of this type of content into our posts. After all, we’re all about science and nature in what we do.

It’s also great to see the younger generation getting involved:-

How Pesky Mosquitoes Led To Scientific Publication

Seventeen-year-old Helena Leal doesn’t like mosquitoes, but they like her.

“I always get bitten by mosquitoes more often than my family and friends,” says the Davis High School senior. “I get fairly bad reactions to mosquito bites, including swelling and itching, so I always have to be meticulous in using repellents.”

Thanks to her lifelong interest in those pesky female mosquitoes that target her for a free (blood) meal, Helena Leal now joins the ranks of published scientists.

We will always be here to provide that gentle reminder about mosquito control in Ashburn, VA. It’s what we do and what we’re passionate about. So for the latest news in the ‘bug world’ and some local stories, come back to our blog to find out more.

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