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Ticks Are Making Williamsburg VA Their Home

Residents in Williamsburg, VA need to be particularly on the lookout for ticks, as these disease spreading pests are taking a particular liking to the area.  It’s not a ‘new thing’ as these critters have been around for some time, however, the different species of tick to make the area their home is on the rise, and with that the potential to be those identified to transmit harmful diseases.

More disease-carrying ticks are finding Williamsburg area to their liking

A walk through the woods can be more dangerous than one might expect. The Virginia Peninsula is prime territory for the confluence of several species of disease-carrying parasites; aka ticks. That means Greater Williamsburg in particular could see a rise in diseases carried by ticks. Since 2009, Lyme disease has earned either the first or second highest “disease ranking” by the Virginia Department of Health. While the ranking excludes cases of hepatitis, the number of cases increased by nearly half between 2009 and 2016, according to the Virginia Department of Health’s website.

As the article mentioned, just raising awareness of these parasites can help to stop the spread of disease.  It’s all about prevention rather than cure, so each time you venture out, make sure you are protected from the possible bite of a tick.

They may be tiny, but you can definitely feel their presence if they happen to bite you. So if you are venturing outside, please, please take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from ticks. If that’s not enough to warn you, then you might want to read this article…

The Truth About Ticks

Here’s a startling, and more so, horrific truth – Plymouth County leads the country in tick bites that result in the spread of disease; and not only one disease like the notorious Lyme disease, but other “co-infections” where a tick bite induces more than one illness in humans. On November 4, Blake Dinius, entomologist and Plymouth County extension educator, spoke at the Mattapoisett Free Public Library to a full house on the theme of all things ticks. For a solid hour, Dinius gave a comprehensive presentation, enlightening the group on everything from the lifecycle of ticks to best practices in managing the spread of tick-borne diseases.

Ticks are a big problem all over the U.S, so wherever you are, do the sensible thing and be alert, be aware and be educated in what you need to do, should you find yourself a victim of the tick!

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