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Virginia Rapper Raises West Nile Awareness

Mosquitoes are out in force. We’re at the height of mosquito season and these pests are really making themselves known! With the rise of reported cases of West Nile virus in Virginia, a local Fairfax resident and employee of the Department of Health’s disease-carrying insects program, has grabbed the mic again to help raise awareness.

It’s A West Nile (Virus) Story: Fairfax County’s Bug Rapper Returns With New Video

How do you get people to care about West Nile Virus? If you’re MC Bugg-Z, you rap about it. But that’s just his stage name. His real name is Andy Lima, and he works for the Fairfax County Department of Health’s disease carrying insects program. As a musician, his genre of choice is rapping about bugs that spread dangerous diseases in professionally-produced hip-hop videos.

It’s good to hear a different spin on raising awareness when it comes to mosquitoes.

West Nile virus is potentially fatal and considered a very serious public health issue in parts of the world. An outbreak of the virus claimed the lives of up to 50 people in Greece last year and the scary thing is, many people don’t realize just how dangerous it is.

What Is West Nile Virus? Symptoms, Treatment And What You Need To Know

If you’re planning a holiday to Greece this summer, you might have heard about the upswing in cases of West Nile virus – a mosquito-borne disease. In 2018, the virus infected 316 people in Greece and killed 50 locals. Because these were the highest numbers on record, the virus is now considered “a public health issue”, Greek health official Danai Pervanidou told The Guardian.

If you’re a Virginia resident and concerned about mosquitoes (which you should be! Wherever you are in the world!) then get in touch with us here at Backyard Bug Patrol for our recommendations to keep you and your family safe from these killer bugs. Mosquito control is just one of our professional services and we’re here to help you fight back in the constant battle with these bugs.

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