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It’s All About The Safety Of Our Kids

As you know, Backyard Bug Patrol are not just about promoting safety when it comes to the pests that can cause problems to your health, we’re also about sharing what is going on in local communities too. Ever more so, when it comes to the safety of our kids.

Increased School Bus-Camera Fines Proposed

Montgomery County school officials are troubled by the number of drivers who illegally pass school buses and want increased fines. Last spring, an annual statewide survey conducted by the Maryland Department of Education showed a total of 4,326 violations of school bus stop arms were recorded on a single day. This report shows an increase from 2015, when bus drivers in the state recorded over 2,795 violations.

Drivers be warned! Young children especially are not always so aware of what is going on around them when it comes to road safety, so be extra vigilant.

These stop signs are fitted for a reason. Take notice! If the fine does not deter, then the risk of the life of a child should be enough to make you think twice about making this illegalmanoeuvre.

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