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Product Safety

Our Products Are Safe!

Please see the chart below. It’s shocking to see, especially when put in the context of a list, that many of the products we use on a daily basis are much more toxic than our Flower Power or Simply Organic programs and mosquito/tick killing sprays.

There is a way to compare relative toxicities among household products. It’s called LD50. According to the EPA, an LD50 represents the individual dose required to kill 50 percent of a population of test animals (e.g., rats, fish, mice, cockroaches). LD50 refers to the amount of substance that will kill 50% of test animals expressed in milligrams (mg) of substance per kilogram (kg) of body weight.

Aspirin is more toxic than our Flower Power

Because LD50 values are standard measurements, it is possible to compare relative toxicities among household products, to other products, including the products we all use at home on a regular basis.

Baking soda is more toxic than our Simply Organic

The LOWER the LD50 number, the MORE TOXIC the product. A pesticide with an LD50 value of 10 mg/kg is 10 times more toxic than a pesticide with an LD50 of 100 mg/kg.

For instance the product RAID Fly and Insect spray, found in most garages here in Maryland and Virginia, contains a number of different chemicals, one of them having a very toxic LD50 of 180. Also interesting to note is that the Very Safe and government recommended insect repellant for personal use, DEET, is slightly more toxic or about the same as our Flower Power Program and more toxic than our Simply Organic Program. The difference is that DEET is placed directly on your skin and clothes… our products are in your yard.

Our Product Safety Chart