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Silverfish Control

Silverfish Control is included as part of our Organic Pest Control Program. Please check out our Organic Pest Control Program for more information or call us at 703-621-7116 to discuss silverfish pest control treatment “near me” or email us at

What is a Silverfish?

Image of a Silverfish. Call Backyard Bug Patrol for silverfish and pill bug control services.Also known as Bristletails due to their “bristles” hanging off their tail, they are silvery-brown, metallic-looking, and move like a fish in the water. They like moist, humid areas of your home like bathrooms, kitchen, crawl spaces, basements, and attics. They can also be found behind your walls and in closets. They are often brought into the home in cardboard boxes or plastic containers then replicate in your home. They will also enter through cracks in the foundation or through gaps around doors or windows. They will eat old books, wallpaper, and food scraps. They like cellulose and carbohydrates so make sure your grains are secured.

What are Pill Bugs?

The Pill Bug is also called Roly-Poly Bug or Armadillo Bug. It’s actually a crustacean that’s found on land and is more closely related to the shrimp than to the centipede. They are the fun bugs that roll up when disturbed. While you’d play with them as a kid, as an adult, you certainly don’t want them around your house. They like moist areas of your yard and your homes such as your kitchen and bathroom, basement, and crawl spaces. They like to eat decomposing plant life so you can find them around any stray leaves from plants in your home.

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