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About Backyard Bug Patrol

Our 5 Star Service Program and Guarantee

In 2020, we celebrated BBP’s 10th birthday and from the start, we have always taken pride in delivering the best possible customer service in the pest control industry. We absolutely go out of our way for our customers. We take it all personally and try to treat our customers as we would expect to be treated. The entire Mitchell family got Lyme disease in our backyard, that’s why we started the company. This is more than just a business for us. While we might not be perfect, we sure strive for perfection and make sure we do our best to get it right!

Below is our exceptional 5 Star Service Program and Guarantee.

Image of a Backyard Bug Patrol truck.

  1. We will email you the day before your scheduled service and the evening after completion, so you know when we are coming and when we have serviced your property… no guessing and no sitting home waiting for us to arrive!
  2. For our outdoor services, we will knock on your door (unless Covid rules are in place) prior to service to discuss our plan of attack and bug activity and remind you of the 30-minute no-play rule. Remember, you’re welcome to view our techs servicing your yard but certainly not required to be there. We are very happy to service your yard while you are at work or out running errands.
  3. For our Barrier Sprays, our licensed techs will professionally treat your property and will try to tip over any standing water to eliminate mosquito breeding areas. For our customers on our Organic Pest Control Plan or other Service Plans, we will call you in advance to schedule an appointment and;
  4. Upon completion of service, you’ll get an email from us indicating that we serviced your property.
  5. 100% Guarantee. Nature is unpredictable. For our customers on seasonal contracts or customers on our Organic Pest Control Plan or another Plan, if at any time between your regularly scheduled service, you have any problems with the pests indicated in your plan, simply give us a call and we will service your property free of charge.

Tom, a Backyard Bug Patrol tech.
Tom is our lead technician and a veteran of the pest and lawn control business. With us since inception, Tom is as dedicated as they come. He is a team player and will do what it takes to get a job done. There have been many times when Tom has risen before the crack of dawn to begin work, and after a long, hot day we have asked him to do a special service for a customer as the sun is setting. He never complains. As you can see here, he has his reports in hand and is ready to get to work!





Justin has been with us for years and is a senior technician running our commercial accounts.  He is all about customer service, very committed, and has a great attitude.





Jonathon started out helping his father, Tom and is now a supervisor. He has inherited his father’s work ethic and dedication and now runs his own team of techs.


Pat Durkin



Patrick is our Director of Operations.  He is responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the business. And, he was formerly a Bee Keeper!