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Spider Control

Backyard Bug Patrol offers Spider Control as part of our Organic/Green Pest Control Program. The Spider Pest Control covers many of the most commonly found non-venomous spiders found in Virginia and Maryland. Please check out our Organic Pest Control Program for more information or call us at 703-621-7116 to discuss Spider removal “near me” or email us at

The 4 Common Spiders found in Virginia and Maryland

Spider commonly found in Virginia. Call Backyard Bug Patrol for spider control service.

  1. Common or American House Spider: Common House Spiders can vary in color from gray to dark brown with bands on their legs. They spin webs and are generally harmless but who wants spiders in their home.
  2. Wolf Spider: Wolf Spiders hunt their prey. They don’t make webs. They are powerful looking with strong legs and are generally found in your yard and burrow in the ground.
  3. Grass Spider: Grass Spiders are often confused with Wolf Spiders since they have a similar look and coloring.
  4. Brown Recluse and Black Widow Spider: Brown Recluse and Black Widow Spiders will bite and are poisonous. If you are bitten seek medical advice.