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We have wonderful customers and they provide us with great feedback during the year. A few times each season we send out customer service emails asking our customers to tell us how we are doing, what they like about us and what we can do better. Please feel free to browse some of the comments and Backyard Bug Patrol reviews from our fantastic customers. It is our goal to have the best customer service in the pest control business! Sometimes our customers just love our service so much they email us to tell about it! The recommendations below are real. These customers are your neighbors from Virginia and Maryland.  Don’t forget to check out our Google and Yelp reviews too!

Luanne F describing how her porch has been mosquito free since calling Backyard Bug Patrol:

Here’s Bob C thanking us for being able to work in his garden without the nuisance of pests:

Linda C looking forward to another summer working in her yard, thanks to Backyard Bug Patrol!

    • 1/6/15 You guys are the best! Top of our list for sure. We thank you for your service! It has changed the way we view our own backyard. – Lara W.
    • 11/21/14 I am so pleased with your service. I was skeptical at first but three years in a row we have been able to enjoy our backyard bug free. Thank you for the great service. – Tina Z.
    • 11/15/14 I am so thrilled that I no longer have to be worried about ticks and fleas on my dogs and guests when we do something outside. I thank you very much for your service and your techs are always so nice and friendly. I pass your name around whenever I get the chance! – Yvonne B.
    • 11/15/14 We are extremely pleased with your service and your staff. Keep up the good work! – Lisa M.
    • 10/27/14 We are extremely happy with Backyard Bug Patrol. The service is very effective and all of the staff we have interacted with have been pleasant and professional. – Karl B.
    • 10/19/14 I am thoroughly pleased with your company! I have happily referred many people to you. Your customer service is simply the best! – Cathy B.
    • 2/15/13  Last year I was skeptical about your product but by the end of the year I was a believer. I need to order the Tick, Mosquito, and stink bug protection (this season)…. I love you guys, in fact I just did an Like for you on fb as well as some praise that I feel is well deserved.  Tina Z.
    • 10/29/12   Dear Backyard Bug Patrol:  thank you for making our back yard a safe and enjoyable area this summer.  Recreation and yard work has been most pleasurable without the pesky bugs.  Best money I spent this summer to keep loved ones and animals outside and active.  Look forward to hearing from you in March.  Keep well and God’s best to you and your company.  Patricia G.
    • 10/29/13  Hey there, Thanks again–we had a MUCH less buggy year.  Let’s talk about the spring as it gets closer–we think we can get at least 25 or so neighborhood folks (to re-sign and sign up).  Take care,  Heidi G.
    • 10/29/12  Thank you for giving us our yard was  back and we will see u in March.  Carolyn P.
    • 10/24/12  John – thank you for the great service – and for helping us to enjoy being out in our yard from spring through fall!   Have a good winter – Laura O.
    • 10/12/12  Patrick, I am so sorry about the dogs today! it was a crazy day and i totally forgot to keep them in.  Thank you so much for rescheduling, we have been very happy with the service and top notch communication. Let us know your availability and we will make sure to keep the dogs in.  Thanks for not spraying and keeping them safe!  Ana C.
    • 9/21/12  I’m very pleased with the service and results obtained.  Joyce A.
    • 9/12/12  Thank You.  For 10 years we have had terrible mosquito problems.  This has been the best summer we have ever had.   We were able to enjoy our yard bug free!  The Ashur Family
    • 8/24/12 You are a great company with the best customer service!  Thank you.  Cathy B
    • 8/24/12  I have heard from neighbors that getting a retreatment from Mosquito Squad was very difficult which is ultimately why I chose Backyard Bug Patrol.  You always retreated within 2 days and I appreciate your quick responses and no-hassle policy.  So, keep up the good customer service!   Lauren H.
    • 8/24/12   I am SOOO happy we have no more ticks and gnats.  I do have to say that my yard is MUCH better off than the majority of my neighbors overall which is a good thing!  Margo R.
    • 8/23/12   Thanks you for sharing Pat’s story and thank you for protecting our yard.  We wish Pat all the best and hope he is back to himself fully soon….he has always been wonderful to deal with on the phone and I can tell what a great guy he is!  Julie A.
    • 8/18/12  Thank you for the service you provide.  Overall I find it to be excellent.  Your technician Tom is always pleasant and courteous.  Jason F.
    •  8/12 /12   Everything has been great so far.  Apoorva K.
    • 8/3/12  Hi John:  You sprayed yesterday and I got out in the yard with my trusty trimmers and diggers for a few hours this morning sweating up a storm and nary a bug came near me.  Course that could have been from the body odor, but I contribute it to the great protection your  patrol put down for us.Thanks again,  Pat G
    • 7/31/12  Thank you …. We had another SUCCESSFUL cook out and NO bug ate the crabs or shrimp.    -Louise L
    • 7/19/12  Thank you for all of your communications. Excellent outreach.  Christina S.
    • 7/16/12  Plan on doing it again next year for us. Thank you again for making our backyard livable again.  Carolyn P.
    • 7/9/12  I just wanted to thank you.  Two weeks after our first treatment I called Patrick and told him we had experienced some mosquitos (not nearly as many as prior to treatment).  Your guys were out the next day!  This past Friday they were out for the regularly scheduled 3 week treatment even though they were out the previous week.  This is EXCELLENT customer service.  If it continues I will be writing a positive review of your services on Angie’s List at the end of the season.  Thanks, John D.
    • 7/8/12  Some feedback – the technician who came yesterday was courteous and VERY through particularly given the head index.  We appreciate it. Dennis G.
    • 6/12/12  I have to tell you – I was the biggest skeptic of this because I never thought we’d ever see an end to the horrible mosquito-filled summers!  We can use our yard again.  For the past five years, we’d be outside with the kids in jeans and long sleeve shirts all summer because we were always eaten alive.  It was horrendous.  My sons legs and arms were covered in bites just from playing in his sandbox for 10 minutes.  I refused to buy lawn furniture because no one could sit out there. We tried everything from candles to bug spray – never got relief.  Thank you for helping us – our yard is pleasant and we can actually enjoy the summer outside with our children!  Finally – we can play!  Lauren H.
    • 6/12/12  Patrick,  So far I could not be happier with the service and results! Since the first treatment, I’ve recognized a significant improvement over last year. Our backyard is far more enjoyable this summer and I have Backyard Bug Patrol to thank. So…thank you!   Sincerely, Mike K.
    • 6/11/12  Good morning Patrick:  We have enjoyed our yard so much more lately since it has been sprayed.  Having been outside on the deck in the morning, noon and night we have not experienced any bites or irritating gnats.  For that matter, no flies either.  So very pleased with the decision to have your company spray the yard.  Patricia G.
    • 6/8/12  I do want to share that whatever your technician did the last time has really worked wonders as there is a real difference in far, far fewer knat clusters and it appears that the noseeums are considerably reduced.  Thanks so much!  La Rene
    • 6/7/12   Thanks for all you cooperation and help with not getting any mist on my clean windows!  I REALLY appreciate it!!  I will recommend you to friends, neighbors & family!   Margot V.
    • 6/7/12  You guys are so awesome!!!  Joanna E.
    • 6/4/12  I’m very appreciative of your customer service.  I have recommended a friend to you but they live in Rockville, Maryland.  Christina S.
    • 5/29/12  John, Thank you so much for getting us in before Memorial Day.  Your service is awesome and I tell everyone about it.  I was working in the yard yesterday and today.  I can definitely tell a difference.  Thank you!  Josh H.
    • 5/9/12  Thank you!  Still no mosquitoes, we are very impressed!  Crista G.
    • 5/4/12  This is the first spring in 10 yrs we have  been able to sit in our yard without being eaten alive. Thank you so much.  Carolyn P.
    • I will be a repeat customer! Liz H.
    • I want you to know that I appreciate your service and really made my yard enjoyable for the party…Happy Winter…See you in the spring. Louise W.
    • I arranged spray from out of town, was able to pay easily over the phone
      Came home and let the kids play outside for over an hour w/out seeing a single mosquito or gnat! I’ve lived here 5 years, and usually we are all attacked by both when we’re out for just a few minutes!
    • Just one bite since spraying began. Brian M.
    • Great service and I often recommend you to my landscape customers. Hugh P.
    • I am impressed by your services. I actually got spoiled by my own mosquito-free backyard. Whenever I went somewhere else and got bitten, I realized how nice my own yard was! Plus, I feel much better about our two dogs roaming around our wooded backyard where deer often travel through. Thanks so much! Ann O.
    • I will highly recommend your company to others, am passing along your info to my neighbor right now! Thank you so very much! Elizabeth G.
    • Thanks to you! We had almost NO mosquitos for the season. It’s been a nice relief. Best, Eve S.
    • I had the pleasure of meeting one of your professional techs only once this summer. The smell of the rosemary mint in our yard was heavenly; lately I have been mentioning this to some of the patients and personally giving them your flier. I hope that my testimonial gives you more business. Thanks again! Caroline B.
    • We love your tech! Carolyn C.
    • Patrick was wonderful, helpful, took his time explaining the services available, even called to make sure I knew service had been scheduled for the very next day! Thank you!