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Cricket Control

Backyard Bug Patrol offers Cricket Control as part of our Organic Pest Control Program. This Program covers many of the most commonly found crickets, including mole crickets, found in Virginia and Maryland. Please check out our Organic Pest Control Program for more information on cricket pest control or call us at 703-621-7116 to discuss cricket treatment “near me” or email us at

Common House Crickets

Common house crickets are the noisy buggers you’re familiar with that chirp all evening long. They are a yellow-brown color and have dark stripes on their head. And as you know, they can jump a long way. They prefer to live in your yard normally but will move in with you when it gets either very hot, cold, or dry. They tend to like cool moist areas like crawl spaces under your home, basements, and in bathrooms under your sink or in cabinets.

Common house cricket. Call Backyard Bug Patrol for cricket control service.

Spider Crickets

Have you ever felt like you were being attacked by an overly aggressive hybrid cricket that looks like something you’d find in a Marvel Comic Book half spider and half cricket? Well, then you are acquainted with a Spider Cricket. They are also known as Camelback Crickets. They tend to travel in “packs” so if you see one there are probably more lurking.

While they are generally harmless and not known to bite per se, they have been known to gnaw on people when not happy. They don’t have the characteristic chirping noise that “regular” crickets make rather a popping noise especially when there are a few of them around together. They like cool damp places like your basement or crawl space under your house.

They like to eat plant matter but will eat your rugs, carpet or drapes, cardboard and as if these scary crickets weren’t scary enough, they are also cannibals.

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