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Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control Services
A Green, 100% Organic, Preventative Pest Control Program which controls and prevents the most common pests from invading your home using green and natural pest control.

Backyard Bug Patrol’s Preventative Indoor, Green Pest Control

We provide preventative treatment for your home for the pests most commonly found in and around your house such as:

American CockroachesDrain FliesGerman CockroachesPavement Ants
AntsDrugstore BeetlesHouse CentipedesPillbugs
Baldfaced HornetsEarwigsHouse FliesSilverfish
Box Elder BugsEastern Cicada Killer WaspIndian Meal MothsSnakes
CentipedesEuropean HornetsLadybird Beetles (Lady Bugs)Spiders
Cigarette BeetlesEuropean Paper WaspMillipedesSpringtails
Clover MitesFruit FliesOdorous House AntsStink Bugs
CricketsFungus GnatsOriental CockroachesTermites

Please consult your technician or call Backyard Bug Patrol to discuss Green Pest Service if you are having problems with other pests. They may be included in our Green Pest Control Program.

Once a year, during the first quarterly appointment, our tech will do a preventative inspection of the interior of your home (subject to COVID rules). When applicable and with evidence of pests, our tech will utilize a green, non-toxic pest control that’s 100% organic to treat areas where pests are active. Our tech will check cabinets, food storage spaces, bathrooms and walk the interior and exterior of your home inspecting for evidence of pests. If there is evidence of pest we will treat as necessary.

If at any time between appointments, you have a problem with these pests, call us and we will come out free of charge and take care of the problem. We will make every effort to use our organic products in your home but in certain instances, we might need to use something a bit stronger.

For the other 3 quarterly appointments, our tech will inspect and preventatively treat your property from the outside of your home, as needed. Again, if you ever have any problems with pests inside or outside your house, give us a call and we’ll come out free of charge.

Backyard Bug Patrol specializes in Natural Pest Control, Eco-Friendly Pest Control, and Organic Pest Control. For Environmentally Friendly Pest Control “Near Me” call us today at 703-621-7116 or email us at

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