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Preventative Indoor Green Pest Control

Once upon a time, before we founded Backyard Bug Patrol, we would come home from a long weekend vacation to find a trail of ants in the kitchen. We’d go to Home Depot and buy those little ant boxes that the ants were supposed to crawl through but they never worked. While we specialize in ticks and mosquitos, many of our customers have asked that we bring our best in class customer service and apply it to preventative indoor pest control. For our wonderful customers we have come up with a Green, 100% Organic, Preventative Indoor Pest Control Program which controls and prevents the most commonly found pest from establishing a home in your home.

Backyard Bug Patrol’s Preventative Indoor, Green Pest Control

We provide preventative treatment for your home for the pests most commonly found in and around your house such as:

  • Ants (we also have an Ant Barrier Program)
  • Spiders
  • Crickets
  • Silverfish
  • Fleas
  • Roaches
  • Our organic solution will work on a number of additional pests. Please consult your technician if you are having problems with other pests.

Once a year our tech will do a preventative inspection of the interior of your home (first quarterly appointment). When applicable and when evidence of pests, our tech will utilize a green, 100% organic solution to preventatively treat behind your refrigerator and dishwasher (if able) and other areas where pests are active. Our tech will check your cabinets and other food storage areas, bathrooms and thoroughly walk the interior and exterior of your home inspecting for pests and will treat as necessary. If at any time you have a problem with any of these pests just call us and we will come out free of charge and take care of the problem. We will make every effort to use our organic products in your home but in the event we need something a bit stronger we will advise you before using inside.

For the other 3 quarterly services our tech will treat your property from the inside or outside as needed which will include our 100% Organic Ant Barrier granular product and other preventative treatments as necessary. For many pests, once the inside of your home is secure, as a preventative measure we can treat many potential pest problems from the outside of your house. Again, if you ever have any problems with pests inside or outside your house give us a call and we’ll come out free of charge and take care of them.

Termites are not covered nor are other infestations. We offer a stinkbug program for an additional charge. Rodent control is additional. Minor bee and wasp problems will be taken care of. Large hive removal is not covered.