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Category Archives: Tick Control

Ticks are right in your Back Yard!

Ticks are a lot closer to you than you think! They are not just lurking in woodland areas, waiting to latch onto your legs as you walk through the long grass. They don’t decide to just hitch hike on your […]

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New Jersey County Sees Rise In Tick Disease

When we think of tick borne diseases, the one to spring to the front of our mind is Lyme disease. We’ve all heard of it and all have a different level of understanding as to what the threat of this […]

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These Three Facts About Ticks Will Amaze You

There are different kinds of biological relationships. One of them is parasitic. This is where one of the organisms depends on the other for sustenance and is of no value to its host. So, it can rightly be said that […]

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Creepy Crawly Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas! Tomorrow as we celebrate the festive season in style, there may also be another tiny creature having a party all of their own…in your Christmas tree.
Watch for ticks on the Xmas tree this year, health officials warn
New York […]

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Ticks Love Christmas Trees Too!

We thought it was important to share another reminder about watching out for those dreadful deer ticks this holiday season. If you’ve not been made aware, these Lyme disease-spreading pests are putting a bit of a dampener on our Christmas trees! […]

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Simple Ways To Outwit The Ticks and Keep Your Family Lyme-Free

If they were bigger and more conspicuous, ticks would not be such a threat and nuisance. But their eighth-of-an-inch size in adulthood compounds tick-related problems. This is because they often go unnoticed and you’re likely to see them only after […]

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“Watch Out For Ticks In This Season”- True or False?

Have you ever had an encounter with an infected tick? Or been down with Lyme or any other tick-related illness? Worse still, did you get a misdiagnosis? Did you suffer so long just because of these tiny but wicked creatures? […]

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3 Little-Known Tick-Related Diseases

Ticks here, ticks there, ticks everywhere. Why do they have to be such a nuisance? This is a question that may have crossed your mind at one point. These tiny creatures can be such a pain! They cause untold suffering […]

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Here Are The Facts About Tick Bites And What You Can Do About Them

These tiny bugs may seem too small to cause any major harm. However, the tick, found in the family of arachnids, is one parasite you want to avoid by all means. The fact is, they would be nothing to worry […]

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A Quick Look at Factors Encouraging Tick Multiplication

Whenever you face a life-threatening situation, it is vital to establish your survival strategy. This could mean considering a flight or fight response. Most times, your choice will depend on your strength and that of your opponent. For example, your […]

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