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Category Archives: Tick Control

Ticks Are Also Looking Forward To Fun-Filled Summer Outings!

If you live in McLean, VA, you could consider taking your children out to discover the town a bit more this summer. There are many government officials who live here since the town is close to Washington, DC. And if […]

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Some Natural Ways to Control Ticks in Your Yard

One of the most annoying things about ticks is that they are such annoying pests! Yes, they are not lovely pets whose company you would want to keep. The other reason why you wouldn’t want to tolerate ticks in your […]

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What To Do When Ticks Attack Your Pets

One of the reasons to have a pet is for companionship. Your dog or puppy, cat, or kitten can also be a wonderful playmate for your children. It goes without saying that you want your pets healthy and strong. However, […]

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Meat Allergy from Tick Bite

If you are partial to a nice juicy steak, a succulent leg of lamb or just consider yourself to be a meat lover, then you might want to take a moment to read this article because your enjoyment may be […]

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Vampire Ticks

Through tales of folklore, Vampires have been popular creatures that for many years have spread fear through horror films, novels and let’s not forget those Halloween costumes. Their blood sucking antics are what scare us the most.
These fictitious creations may not […]

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Lyme Disease Laws in Maryland

Lyme disease for many years has been so difficult to diagnose. The tick borne virus is transmitted when we receive a bite from an infected tick and the infection can incubate for some time, often not showing any obvious symptoms […]

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What if You Encounter a Tick This Festive Season?

During the cold seasons, you could be giving yourself a false sense of security- hoping that all pests are also going on a go-slow. Well, the truth is that most wild animals do hibernate. But you may be surprised to […]

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Due Diligence for your Dog when it comes to Ticks

When you become a dog owner it’s a huge but rewarding responsibility. There’s nothing better than your four legged companion by your side as you take a stroll whatever the weather.  Their excitement to be outdoors puts a smile on […]

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Lyme Disease – Prevention by Proactive Behavior

It’s that time of year when the number of reported cases of Lyme disease in humans appears to be on the rise. As the warmer climate arrives, the end of May and beginning of June are the months where there […]

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Tick Prevention for you and your Pets

With tick season upon us the more we can do to reduce our exposure to these tiny disease spreading creatures, the better.  As the warmer temperatures arrive we want to be spending more time outdoors and being at one with […]

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