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Category Archives: Tick Control

Tick Prevention for you and your Pets

With tick season upon us the more we can do to reduce our exposure to these tiny disease spreading creatures, the better.  As the warmer temperatures arrive we want to be spending more time outdoors and being at one with […]

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Ticks: What You Need To Know About These Blood-Suckers

Imagine you just got a news alert that thieves are about to break into your home. What would you do? I doubt you’d throw your hands in the air and say, “Let them come!” You’ll likely get the security team […]

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Enjoy a Tick Free BBQ

Most of us enjoy the time of year when we can take the cooking outside and fire up the BBQ. It’s a great opportunity to dine alfresco in the warmer months and it also has the added bonus that it […]

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Pet Owners: Ticks Just Got Meaner

When we think of ticks, the first kind that springs to mind for most of us is the Deer tick, the pest responsible for the transmission of Lyme disease. However, there are other species of tick that are out there […]

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Be Proactive In Keeping Ticks Away From Those You Love

No one would want to suffer from a tick-borne illness, let alone have anyone in their family go through the same. But when one of you falls sick after a tick bite, it would feel worse when you know you’d […]

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Don’t Let Ticks Ruin Your Family’s Outdoor Enjoyment

As the weather starts to improve, our inclination to get outside and do a little outdoor work or activity is on the rise. For many of us, spending time in our back yard can be our favorite place to be. […]

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Tick Season Arrives!

Beautiful springtime. The weather is warming up and there’s a little more bounce in our steps. We all love a rise in the climate, but unfortunately, so do pests and in particular those Lyme disease spreading critters, ticks!
Tick Season On […]

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Ticks All Over The World

Spring time is almost upon us. It’s a time when we can all feel a little extra bounce in our step, the weather is starting to improve and there’s of course that positive vibe that we are coming out of […]

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Lyme Disease can also Affect the Heart

Did you know that Lyme disease not only comes with flu like symptoms and joint and muscular pain, it can also have an impact on your heart. With cardio vascular issues only seen in 10% of  Lyme cases, the risk […]

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Tiny Ticks Cause Big Problems: Coming to a County Near You!

Think about this rather scary fact… Ticks that carry Lyme disease are now reaching almost half of the counties in the United States. If you take a few moments to contemplate the impact that this has on our health and […]

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