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Category Archives: Tick Control

Is The Information You Have About Ticks Factual or Myth?

We are living in times when every single bit of information you have needs verification. For sure, accessing information has become much easier than it was a few decades ago. On the other hand, there is too much false information […]

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Current Facts and Developments About Ticks and Related Illnesses

Even as we continue to deal with the health risks presented by Covid-19, we can’t afford to overlook other illnesses. For instance, we need to be on the lookout for tick-borne illnesses. This is particularly important because the symptoms associated […]

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Ticks: Their Roles and Response To Environmental Changes

If you have experienced Lyme Disease, you know that ticks are treacherous pests. The diseases they transmit can lead to life-long health challenges. Worse still, they can cause death. There is no doubt that any person who has suffered from […]

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Lyme Disease and Your Dog: How To Take Care Of Your Pet’s Health

Ticks can be a real pain for you and your household. These pests pose a threat to your health and that of your pets. Did you know that your dog faces the same risk of contracting Lyme Disease as you […]

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These Little Known Facts About Ticks Will Surprise You!

The Lyme Awareness Month (May) in North America has helped to create awareness about ticks and their harmful effects on human beings. That means that like most people, you know that these bugs are blood-suckers. You also know they have […]

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Ticks and Lyme Disease: This Information Will Empower You

In the recent past, efforts towards creating awareness about Lyme Disease have increased. Even so, it is never a waste of time to remind yourself of the risks, incidences, and preventive measures that are helpful. This is especially so for […]

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Ticks Are Bad News For Your Pets – Here’s What To Do About Them

In the animal kingdom, you’d imagine that the largest animals are the most dangerous. Well, it also turns out that the tiny ones can be a threat too. The mosquito, for example, is the deadliest animal in the world. This […]

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Backyard Bug Patrol Receives Glowing 5-Star Review on Google

Backyard Bug Patrol is pleased to announce that it has recently received a glowing 5-star review from a customer on Google Maps.
Prevent Lyme Disease with Tick Control Services from Backyard Bug Patrol
In her review, Katherine Beckett-Goodwin said, “We love the […]

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Dr. Torres Discusses Tick-Borne Illnesses On The Today Show

This is a great video segment that the Today Show ran.  While it’s national in scope, it definately applies the Virginia and Maryland neighborhoods that we service.
The Today Show has been informing, sharing tips, entertaining and broadcasting news stories for […]

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Were Ticks Intended To Be Used As Bioweapons? A Follow Up

I can’t say I’m big on conspiracy theories but given the fact that a member of Congress recently got involved and we have a number of government/military research facilities in Frederick, Reston and other areas in the Virginia, Maryland DMV, […]

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