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The Fine Print


Certainly we are not medical doctors and any information provided on this web page is intended to be “informational” only. If you have any specific Lyme questions regarding your health it is best to contact your doctor.  Any “advice” given by us is simply opinion only.  Nature is unpredictable and we make every effort to rid your yard of ticks and mosquitoes we can’t guarantee we will get every one.  Always exercise caution in outdoor environments.

Regarding our products, as with any other products that kills bugs, please make sure to exercise caution.  Always wait for our sprays to dry before allowing your children or pets to play in the yard.  Please do not allow children or pets to play with Tick Tunnels.


For those customers on seasonal contracts we offer a 100% guarantee.  If you are having a problem with ticks or mosquitoes in between your regularly scheduled service just give us a call and we’ll come out and take care of it for you at no extra charge. We make every effort so that you’ll have an enjoyable backyard and will continue to go out of our way to do so.  If for whatever reason you’d like to cancel service, if you move, have a tree fall on your house (that has actually happened), etc. we will offer you a refund of the unused portion of the seasonal contract.  So that means if half the season is left, we will refund half your money. For example, if you were to receive 10 treatments and your seasonal contract was, for the sake of easy math, “$100″ and you decide to cancel after you have already received 8 treatments, we will gladly refund you “$20″.

Large Ponds and Untreatable Bodies of Water

We have had a few instances where customers have had ponds in their backyard that they do not control or own.  While our sprays absolutely kill ticks and mosquitoes, we can’t fully rid your yard of these pests if you have a major breeding ground like a pond that we can’t treat.  We are not permitted to treat property that a customer does not own. For those customers with small ponds we will treat the pond as part of our regular service. In our opinion, if the pond is deemed large, we reserve the right to charge additional fees to treat the area.

MSDS Sheets and Labels

Material Safety Data Sheets and product Labels are available upon request.

Extra Small Fine Print 🙂

We reserve the right to change any prices or terms and conditions for our products or services at our will. Throughout the web page we spell the word mosquito(e)s two different ways. this was done deliberately as people sometimes search the web with either spelling.