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Ticks Are Joining Us For Thanksgiving!

Ticks are not just a cause for concern during the warmer months. As we experience a drop in temperature, these tiny, troublesome ticks are still hanging around and as Thanksgiving approaches, they may just stay around to join the celebrations too, as uninvited guests!

Health Dept: Ticks out in force through Thanksgiving

Ticks are back for one more meal before winter, and health officials warn this means a high risk to Vermonters of tickborne disease. Anaplasmosis — a disease spread by the same type of tick that transmits Lyme disease, babesiosis, Borrelia miyamotoi and Powassan virus — has been on the rise. According to the Vermont Department of Health, the number of cases has increased from three in 2010 to 201 in 2016. More than one-third of Vermonters reported to have anaplasmosis were sick enough to be hospitalized, the health department reports.

Of course, it’s not just in Vermont that people need to be wary. Ticks are still active in other parts of the U.S including Virginia and Maryland.

If summer means “suiting up” to protect yourself from ticks, then make sure you carry on wearing sensible clothing throughout the rest of the seasons, because these pests mean business.

State experts predict uptick in tick-borne diseases will continue

Health workers have already seen a record number of anaplasmosis cases, Tompkins said, and there are indications that pattern will continue through the fall. Tick-borne illnesses will continue to be a concern at least through Thanksgiving, Tompkins said. While mosquito-borne illnesses are generally a problem only until the first hard frost, ticks don’t respond to seasonal weather in the same way, he said.

Don’t let ticks spoil your Thanksgiving! They spread disease, not joy!

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