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Warmer Weather Brings Out The Ticks

Maryland may be experiencing some milder weather than what is considered to be normal for this time of year. The early months of 2017 are forecast to be a little on the warmer side. Here’s an article with some more information.

Maryland Winter Weather Forecast Update: Not Normal

The weather may feel more like April than January in the coming weeks. But don’t expect it to last. Forecasters have released an updated winter weather forecast for the rest of January and early February in Maryland, and it may not be what you’d normally expect.

Of course with warmer climates, out come the bugs! There may not be so many around, but we can expect that they’ll be enjoying the warmer weather and rubbing their little legs together in excitement of getting out there and feeding their appetite. Last year as the weather got warmer in Minnesota, the ticks came out…

Be conscious that you still need to check for ticks if you venture outside. There may not be as many as there are in the usual warmer months, but they are very much out there.  It’s not just us humans that will suffer too.

Ticks, Thriving in Warm Weather, Take a Ghastly Toll on New England Moose

The moose is an iconic image in the Northeast and a crucial part of its tourism and recreational economy. But in parts of northern New England, researches say moose are being killed by droves of winter ticks that thrive when the fall is warm and the winter comes late.

Enjoy the warmer weather while it lasts. If you do happen to find a tick hitch hiking on you, then know how to remove it safely.


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