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More Reasons To Hate Mosquitoes

We thought we would continue on from our article of last week, Mosquitoes Could Contaminate From Eating Plastic  due to the nature of such an additional concern when it comes to mosquitoes!  There is a high possibility that mosquitoes could be passing up through the food chain harmful microplastics as a result of feeding on contaminated water.

Mosquitoes Are Passing Microplastics Up the Food Chain
We don’t exactly need another reason to detest mosquitoes. But on Wednesday, scientists at the University of Reading reported that, in addition to a dizzying array of deadly diseases ranging from malaria to Zika fever, these infamous insects can now ferry yet another growing public health concern: environment-contaminating microplastics.

Although we really don’t need any further reasons to detest these disease spreading pests, it seems they’re not doing themselves any favors when it comes to winning over us human beings. They just continue to increase their threat on human health.

The contamination happens at the point mosquito larvae feed on water that contain these harmful microplastics. So basically, from birth! From thereon, they will develop into adult mosquitoes, take flight, go about their nuisance and pollute a whole new environment.

Mosquitoes Could Carry Plastic Particles into the Food Chain

Mosquito larvae will eat microscopic bits of plastic that can stay in their bodies as they metamorphose into adulthood, researchers have shown for the first time. This means they and similar insects could spread the plastic particles that contaminate aquatic ecosystems—where many bugs spend their infancy—to land predators such as birds or spiders, thus “polluting a whole new environment,” says Amanda Callaghan, an associate professor of zoology at the University of Reading in England.

Make sure that you get rid of any standing water in your back yard. This is the ultimate breeding ground for mosquitoes, and carries the additional threat when it comes to the environment. Take a few minutes each day to protect your present and future ecosystem.

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