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Mosquito Emoji Could Help Save Lives

The use of emoji communication is commonplace in conversation. Whether by SMS or email, Facebook post or tweet, many of us utilize the emoji icons to make our content more visual and interesting. With the launch of a new mosquito emoji, could this help with spreading awareness of the daily threat we face against these disease spreading pests?

Will a New Mosquito Emoji Create Some Buzz About Insect-borne Diseases?

Mosquitoes are coming. The Unicode Consortium has just announced that alongside your smiling face – or perhaps crying face – emoji you’ll soon be able to add a mosquito.

The mosquito emoji will join the rabble of emoji wildlife including butterflies, bees, whales and rabbits.  We see a strong case that the addition of the much maligned mosquito to your emoji toolbox could help health authorities battle the health risks associated with these bloodsucking pests.

There is hope that the use of an emoji could serve as a reminder to protect yourself against mosquitoes. Get rid of standing water, spray ourselves with repellent and ensure that our mosquito control is up to date.

It’s interesting to hear how much of an impact the utilization of emojis can have. Once the mosquito emoji has launched, we’ll be sure to spread the word with it.

A mosquito emoji for public health awareness takes flight

The mosquito emoji is coming to your smartphone this summer. The idea was to make it easier for people to communicate about the public health hazards of the most dangerous animal on Earth—which spreads diseases like malaria, Zika, dengue, and yellow fever, contributing to several million deaths and hundreds of millions of illnesses every year.

If we could ask every one of you to use this emoji when it goes live, then you would be contributing to spreading awareness against mosquito borne disease. Let’s all use technology and trends to communicate and look out for one another.


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