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Is Your Back Yard Home To The Deadly Mosquito?

When we think of the dangers of the ocean, we think sharks. When we think of the dangers of the dense forests, we think bears. When we think of the dangers in our back yards, do we think mosquitoes?  If not, then we should be, because these creatures are deemed to be the deadliest creature known to man!

This is by far the deadliest animal on the planet

People are, as a species, quite lethal, not only for animals but also for themselves – in the world, there are 475 thousand human victims each year. But the biggest killer of people is a species you probably would never have thought of and is responsible for 725 thousand deaths a year. It is, in fact, a mosquito.

These tiny pests are responsible for the spread of many diseases, some of which have caused the death of millions of people.

In fact, it’s around 2 million people A YEAR that fall victim to the bite of an infected mosquito. One of the most recently talked about mosquito borne virus is Zika, which last year caused a huge scare to many parts of the United States.

Health Department offers tips to prevent mosquito bites, stop the spread of Zika Virus

In Maryland, mosquito breeding season starts in the spring and extends into October. Zika virus disease (Zika) is spread primarily by bites from infected mosquitoes. It has been linked to serious birth defects in babies born to mothers with Zika infection during pregnancy.

Follow the tips provided to keep yourself and your family safe from mosquitoes, invest in methods of mosquito control and don’t let your back yard be home to the deadliest creature in the world.

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