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GMO Mosquitoes and the Fight Against Zika

At the beginning of this month it was reported by Florida officials that four cases of Zika virus discovered in the southern state were likely to be mosquito borne.

Florida officials: Four Zika cases likely mosquito-borne

The fears about the Zika virus in the U.S are now a reality. Health officials believe that for the first time in the continent there are now 4 people with the devastating virus, infected by virus carrying mosquitoes.

With a “pandemic in process” action needs to be taken and fast! Federal authorities have given the go ahead to release genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida to help combat the spread of the virus. There’s a lot of controversial opinions as to whether this is the right thing to do.

Of course there is always a point of view from every angle. It’s important to listen from every side and get all the information in front of us.

FDA approves GMO mosquito test in Florida

The FDA approval came hours before Florida’s Department of Health confirmed a new Zika infection within a one-square-mile zone encompassing Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. That brings the state’s tally of non-travel-related Zika cases to 16, in addition to 351 travel-related infections.

The horrible truth of the matter is that this threat is real and it’s happening to us right now. What can you do to play your part? Invest in mosquito control to protect your home, make it a safe place for your family. Educate yourself on this serious health situation and be mindful that each contribution we make to create a safer environment from these killer pests is a worth while effort.

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