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Zika Threat Lifted But Still There

The public health emergency surrounding the Zika virus has been lifted. This is not to say that the mosquito transmitted disease is not still a very real threat, it’s just a case that the spread of the virus has lost momentum, due to the mosquito season coming to an end. Here’s an article with some more information.

Zika virus no longer global health emergency, but remains a threat

The WHO has lifted the global public health emergency, which was declared nine months ago. Zika has spread to some 60 countries and territories since the current outbreak was identified previous year in Brazil, raising alarm over the rare birth defect microcephaly, as well as other neurological disorders it can cause in infants and adults.

This doesn’t mean that we need to lower our defenses against these disease spreading pests. It’s advisable to take precautions all year round and always keep on top of our mosquito control. There may not be so many mosquitoes in the air, but they are still making themselves comfortable in your back yard and breeding.

Only 2 months ago, the virus was still a global emergency, so be on your guard.

There will never be a time where we completely relax when it comes to mosquitoes. After all, they are the most deadliest creature in the world.

WHO Declares End Of International Zika Emergency

The World Health Organization on Friday declared that Zika no longer constitutes an international emergency, but it stressed a need for a long-term effort to address the virus, which has been linked to birth defects and neurological complications. Officials on WHO’s Emergency Committee made clear the Zika still constitutes a global public health threat. They warned the virus, which has been found in 60 countries since the outbreak was identified last year in Brazil, will continue to spread where mosquitoes that carry the virus are present.

The main concern is that pregnant women, still take this virus very seriously and if they have intentions of travelling to an area at risk, it’s wise to rethink their options. As the above article says, there is still “potential for an explosive epidemic”. So keep protected, keep informed and keep your defenses up against these bloodsucking, disease spreading critters.

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