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Mosquitoes And Heartworm. Is Your Pet Protected?

We write a lot of articles warning pet owners to be on the look out for ticks, when it comes to outside adventures with their four-legged friends, but what about mosquitoes? Of course, it goes without saying that mosquitoes are a threat to man’s best friend too, so what precautions should be taken to protect your pet from these pests. This doesn’t apply just to dogs either, as feline friends can also be subject to mosquito borne diseases.

Officials warn pet owners to take mosquito precautions

The western treehole mosquito is a primary cause of heartworm in cats and dogs. They’re fairly small and like to bite mammals, and a day biter which makes them different than most mosquitoes. Preventive treatments include monthly topicals, usually placed between the pet’s shoulder blades so it can’t lick it off. For dogs, additional treatments and preventions are available.

There are many different species of mosquito that carry the bacteria that can transmit heartworm to your pet, so they need to be protected at all times. Here’s a short video with some more information.

Protect your dog or cat with specially formulated mosquito repellents, but also, protect your own back yard. After all, if your home is less likely a favorable habitat for mosquitoes, then the reduction of opportunity for these critters to bite you or your pet, significantly reduces too.

Paws for thought: Heartworm is a constant threat

Heartworm is a life-threatening disease spread by mosquitoes to pets. One bite is all it takes to infect your pet. Warmer temperatures mean mosquitoes are around all year, especially here in the Valley. Mosquitoes can transfer heartworm to your pet from infected pets, coyotes and foxes. Since mosquitoes enter homes, indoor pets are vulnerable as well.

Our pets don’t have a choice, they rely on responsible owners to take care of them. Be educated, take action, and be safe in the knowledge that your furry sidekick is safe from the harm that mosquitoes can cause.

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