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Start the New Year with a Mosquito Free Yard

Are you ready for the New Year? Does 2019 have you eager to get a few home improvements accomplished? Are you wanting to spend more time outdoors when the warmer months arrive? If so, you might want to start planning your mosquito control for your yard, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that the time you spend outside, is time spent mosquito free.

mosquito free yard

How do you keep mosquitoes out of your yard?

Firstly, you want to make sure that your yard isn’t an enticing breeding ground for mosquitoes, so make it a regular practice to get rid of any standing water that may have collected. This can be in the tiniest places, from the cap of a soda bottle. So anywhere that water may lay standing, you want to get rid of it.  You can also add plants to your yard that repel mosquitoes. There’s a few listed in the following article.

7 Mosquito Repellent Plants

Most insect-repelling plants do so with their natural fragrances, which keep annoying mosquitoes away and introduce wonderful scents throughout your garden. Place these plants in areas where guests will be often such as by a seating area or a doorway.  Throughout the years, mosquitoes have transmitted many diseases including malaria, dengue, yellow fever, encephalitis, and more recently the West Nile and Zika viruses. Mosquitoes are even to blame for heartworm in dogs. So it isn’t just about the annoyance or the itchy bite, it is a health concern for your family and pets.

What’s the best mosquito repellent for yards?

Having a combination of natural repellents and your yard professionally sprayed are the best methods of mosquito control for your yard. Every contribution to mosquito control counts!

How much does it cost to spray yard for mosquitoes?

This would depend on the size of your yard, so you’re best to contact professional mosquito control for more information. You can contact us at Backyard Bug Patrol to discuss your requirements. We want you to enjoy spending time outdoors, without not only the irritation of mosquitoes but to help lower the risk of mosquito-transmitted diseases.



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