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Tag Archives: brown dog ticks

What To Do When Ticks Attack Your Pets

One of the reasons to have a pet is for companionship. Your dog or puppy, cat, or kitten can also be a wonderful playmate for your children. It goes without saying that you want your pets healthy and strong. However, […]

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You’re Likely To Encounter These Three Types Of Ticks In Maryland

Ticks are one of the stealthiest pests you’ll ever come across. Their tiny size makes them almost impossible to see- that’s when they’re starved. After sucking blood, they swell to very interesting sizes! But even so, these tiny pests can […]

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Don’t Let Brown Dog Ticks in McLean, VA Make A Meal Of Your Pet

Named after John Roll McLean, the former publisher, and owner of The Washington Post, and found in close proximity to Washington D.C. and the CIA, McLean VA has its fair share of things to boast about. It also serves as […]

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